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Sally is Changing the Way Women Think About Staying Young

Founder of Stronger Leaner Lighter

By using science-backed strategies and focusing on health first - Sally will help you lock in the strategies that will have you staying younger - longer. With the information she'll be sharing, you'll probably get a tighter waist while promoting a healthy, balanced body from the inside out! Sally will show you what works and give you the correct knowledge, support and accountability you need for looking and feeling younger.

"If you feel it's time to get serious about looking and feeling younger, then you belong in our community of like-minded women."


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Need to speak with Sally, here's how to get in touch:

Email Sally - [email protected]

  • Thank you Sally. Your SLL program has been so different to anything else that I've tried in the weight loss realm. This one actually worked for me! Addressing the hidden emotional barriers to my weight loss through the tapping sessions was enlightening!! Some big hurdles overcome and some lovely numbers on the scale as a result.

    Heidi Carlton - Gold Coast, Australia

    In This Video - Sally Explains What's Inside Stronger Leaner Lighter 

    Who is a Stronger Leaner Lighter MEMBERSHIP for?

    • SLL Membership is for the woman who more than anything else would just like to stay younger longer.

    • For the women who wants to learn more about the "why" or "how" behind concepts that 'really work'

    • It's also for the woman who wants to delve more deeply into something that really works - using proven knowledge so she can make lasting change that delivers results and lifts her spirit.

    • This is for the woman who wants to belong to a community of like-minded women that is meaningful and fulfilling so she can shine her light - unashamedly.

    • Membership is especially for the women who has tried everything and won't be fooled again - she understands when she takes responsibility for her body and steps out that people notice and listen more carefully to what she has to say.

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    Join now to experience how to stay younger, stronger, leaner and lighter than you've ever felt before.

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  • Weekly Meditation Videos

  • Intermittent Fasting Videos

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  • Belly Fat & Visceral Fat new research

  • Mastering EFT - 6 Part - Full Course

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  • One-on-One Private Coaching Session with Sally each month  

  • 24/7 Support in private Facebook group  


  • Daily Accountability & - Q & A - with Sally  


  • The 10 Principles of Wellness  


  • New Weekly Workout Videos 


  • Weekly Meditation Videos

  • Intermittent Fasting Videos

  • Conscious Eating Videos

  • Bonus eBooks and PDF Downloads

  • Belly Fat & Visceral Fat new research

  • Mastering EFT - 6 Part - Full Course

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    Here's what some of the women that I've worked with have to say 

    “I loved working with Sally. She is the consummate professional who provides great support and encouragement. My self confidence has improved and I suffer less from anxiety attacks which has meant that my quality of life is so much better.”

    Kris Barrett

    Qualified Nutritionist, Gold Coast, Australia

    "I have learned so much about myself and how I was holding things in and holding myself back from being the real me. Sally is amazing and very gifted at getting you to the real issues, even if you don’t realise they are issues!"


    Paddington, Queensland

    "I would definitely recommend working with Sally if you are looking to improve all areas of your life because she does not just work on any one aspect - she works with you on exercise, eating healthy and clearing out the 'stuff' that we all hold in our brain and our heart - that 'stuff' that drags us down and makes us feel like we aren't worthy, when in actual fact we are TOTALLY worthy."

    L. Morris

    Sydney, Australia

    Maria Paterakis 

    This is Maria, who has just completed the SLL (Stronger Leaner Lighter) Program.

    "In working with Sally, I know that she really cared about my progress and celebrated my wins with me and encouraged me when things weren't going well. Stronger Leaner Lighter is worth the money and I would highly recommend it to everyone.  Sally is a very intuitive teacher. She has a wealth of knowledge and abilty. She has a clarity and ease that takes you to the end game."  

    A. Gasken

    Queensland, Australia

    Here is what Members get: 

    Sally provides you with everything you need to stay younger even when you're over 50. You can feel 1000% better about yourself. By now, everyone knows that happiness is not about diets and exercise. They are not the solution - in the Members Area, you won't find restrictive food rules, lengthy workouts, or diet culture shaming. What you will find is - only what I have found that absolutely WORKS - because I have tried them all. If you want to be fully supported as you reach your goals, you belong in this uplifting community.

      Easy Step by Step Process

      The materials are delivered to you via easy-to-follow videos and PDF's. Each subject is on its own video so that you can focus and replay where necessary. The material is organised in a sequence that builds and grows to take you to a better space and relationship with your body.

      Member Access - Group and Private Sessions.

      Here's where you get a little help to keep your head in the game. All Members will have regular access to Sally via the private members group for discussions, questions and accountability. VIP Members will have this PLUS a private one-on-one session scheduled each month.

      Members-Only Live Group

      The Facebook group is private and not open to the public. Here we respect each others space and the work that we are doing as we move through our "stuff". The guiding principle here is support for all others and No-Judgement. In this environment we ALLOW whatever needs to be said and done so that all can heal, grow and shine their light.  

      Experience - I've Been There Too

      Sally has been guiding women on this path for most of her life. She is a master at holding space and guiding women while working through their feelings and "baggage". Life-long change happens when we shine a new light on the people, thoughts, words and deeds of our past. The first thing so many women say after a good session is: "I feel lighter!"  

    Recommended product for

    Stronger Leaner Lighter Members

    This is my recommended morning smoothie, it has it all. TR90 Green Shake - A powerful protein shake that not only supplies 15g of protein per serve, but contains super health giving benefits of Wheat Grass, Spirulina, Chlorella and Beet Juice powder containing iron, zinc Vitamin B12, to help boost your energy, brain function and can help restore the natural body balance.  PM me for details. 

    JOIN NOW and get these 6 Bonuses!

    Bonus #1: A copy of Sally's book - Tapping to RECLAIM YOU

    A copy of Sally's book Tapping to RECLAIM YOU is provided Free to each member. Since Tapping is such a vital part of the moving through emotional issues - this book will give you a solid understanding of how to use Tapping. Plus there are over 30 case studies from real life in the book.

    Bonus #2: Tapping on Food Cravings - Video Series

    This popular 3 video series deals with three very common food cravings and goes into detail on how to release the cravings and then how to do the reframe so they never bother you again. This series deals with bread, chips or crackers and of course - chocolate.

    Bonus #3: The Mastering EFT For Personal Use - 6 part Course

    This is the digital version of Sally's 2 Day Weekend training for instructors to use EFT / Tapping for personal use. Learning to do Tapping properly is such a valuable tool when moving through changes in your journey. This course starts with the setup scripts and works through all aspects of tapping including the words to use, how to self diagnose, how to reframe and leave behind the stories, words and events of your past and enjoy the freedom you have earned.    A Key Resource.

    Bonus #4: The 2 & 20 Principle

    You get a copy of this brilliant guide to reshaping complicated things into simple things. When applied to your life, you'll find things get a lot simpler. Simple is good.

    Bonus #5:  Intro Guide to Intermittent Fasting

    A major component to being Stronger Leaner Lighter is Intermittent Fasting, with three simple steps to help you implement this simple health practice. The ancient art of fasting has come a long way. Fasting is so worth your while to master.

    Bonus #6: The One-Word Theme

    If you haven't already done your One Word Theme for this year - then download the guide. There's magic in this process - it's so easy and it just works. Many members have been doing this and all report amazing stories.  Just try it and see for yourself. 

    Bonuses apply to all new members JOINING before the end of the month.

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    GOLD Membership : $79 per month or VIP Membership $197 per month


    You can use your Paypal account to join.

    Need to speak with Sally, here's how to get in touch:

    Email Sally - [email protected]

    Or Mobile 0414 770 800

    We look forward to you being a Member of this Community

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